Is This All That Life Has To Offer? (Fear of Flight)

I’m beginning to realize that a lot of the people I know are gonna get to that point where they have gotten older and become bored with life because they never took a spontaneous adventure anywhere. It’s gonna be too difficult to get away from family or work to be able to do anything exciting and it will lead to bitterness and hatred towards people who have “fun”. The regret will set on because they won’t have those “interesting” stories to tell other people their age. They will simply suffer from a life full of “what ifs” or “I wish I would’ve”. That’s not an ideal life to live. And a lot of people I know have started on that path already. I can see it on their faces when I tell the stories of my travels. That look that says “dam, this guy has been a lot of places.” Which is always followed by that look that says “dam, I haven’t been anywhere.” That’s the inner adventurous spirit crying out for some action. The active spirit reacts with excitement. Sharing stories of fun. Mishaps. Learning. Exploring. Adventure. Sadly most will never the feeling. All because they have a fear of seeing the world. I truly feel sorry for them. Always some type of explanation of why they can’t venture out. They call them “reasons”. I call them excuses. I can accept that it may just be possible that traveling isn’t for everyone (I don’t understand how or why this would/could ever be, but anything is possible I suppose), but when it comes down to convincing yourself that you can’t do it simply because you’re scared, well your just hindering your own growth. I don’t believe you have lived until you have experienced life outside your comfort zone. Maybe you won’t like it, but you will never know until you try. There’s a whole world out there to see. And seeing some pictures or watching some tv show will never tell the whole story. Conquer that fear and take a chance at experiencing something new. Your listeners will surely thank you.