If the only person’s life story you can tell to keep someone interested is one other than your own, you need to reevaluate your approach on life. Immediately.  Your story should be the most interesting thing you can talk people about. At least in my opinion… #LifeWithNoLabels


A Beautiful Horror Story… (take 1)

The creative mind never sleeps. Ideas manifest in the brain turning dreams into slide show scenes of vivid imagery. And then before the images can even settle, the mind continues to wake the body, yearning to be expressed. Restricted ideas become recurring nightmares until they are set free into the world. The body is unable to sleep, thus rendering rest an afterthought. Insomnia becomes the only solace. The only escape. Until the creativity begins to torment the brain even while the host is awake. All the idea wants is freedom. Trapping it only leads to trapping the mind. Because you can never really scare off that which exists in your head. This is the reality I live with every night… #LifeWithNoLabels