A Hostile Takeover (Revolt Of The Mind)

I had a dream about a revolution happening. I stumbled upon the assembly by accident (They always said the revolution wasn’t gonna be televised). It wasn’t just black people tho. It was people of all shades, of my age, my classmates, my generation. They all looked vaguely familiar. There were no weapons, no tv, no military, no cameras, no evidence that it was even happening. It wasn’t cops we were fighting against, it was ourselves. It was so dark. It was quiet but it was so loud. Nobody said a word but you could see the unrest on their faces. I couldn’t see who was leading the charge. So I moved through the crowd. As I pushed my way to the front it got brighter, light got blinding. There were two holes in the sky and a huge pillar in front of us. Then I realized. This wasn’t a town we were trying to takeover, it was our own minds. Then the earth started shaking, and I heard a voice. Familiar sound. One I recognized. And it said “wake up.” #LifeWithNoLabels


Land Of The Mirrors pt.1

It’s crazy how we’re taught to fear the image in the mirror, when that image is the one that’s most familiar.  Once your brain has begun to reject your own projection, can you ever truly be sure if what you’re looking at is what’s actually there… #LifeWithNoLabels

“insert Coin” (Lessons Of My Youth pt.1)

I grew up playing video games that taught me to avoid the pitfalls and traps (every setback can potentially be costly). To always travel around to discover new places (never know what you may find). Grind constantly to make myself stronger (hard work pays off).  Collect items and gear that will help me improve (always important to make the most out of your assets).  Brainstorm to solve puzzles (the brain is the most important muscle in the body). And above all, recognize that no matter how much you try, you can never really manage to save her (you can’t keep what doesn’t want to stay).. Only thing left to do is to conquer the final boss (mastering your inner self is key to any progress). Whoever said playing video games was a waste of time clearly didn’t pay enough attention… #LifeWithNoLabels