Tidal Waves

Rapid moving hands

Sad goodbyes

Endless flow of tears

Old endings

New beginnings

Uncomfortable greetings

New fears

Calming waters



Adolescent Assistance (Dream Chaser pt.2)

As a baby I was infatuated with sleep. I realistically think I might have slept away my entire infancy. But it allowed me to map out my entire life through my dreams. That and saving up some much-needed energy for the future. Of course nothing ever really goes according to plan. Hit a couple obstacles and had to dodge a few pitfalls through the years. Many a sleepless night I’ve endured. Be it because of gaining experience or simply because I just was trying to regain some lost time. As a result I don’t complain about the insomnia I may have obtained along the way. Becoming an adult has led my tendency of over thinking into overdrive. Nowadays my thoughts tend to keep me up at night. Quite often in fact. But I’ve come to accept and embrace my heavy brain activity. Just my brain’s way of reminding me not to waste all those precious blueprints I came up with when I little…