Pit Stop #CheckingIn

Greetings from Delaware… I’ve visited this building more times than I can recall, but it’s been a while since I’ve seen it at night. Luckily my camera enjoys the random work I always seem to have for it…



7:16pm (Random Reminder) #LifeInTransit

Randomly looked up from my phone out the window. Caught a very lovely (albeit random) view of the sun setting. I travel along similar highways so much that sometimes I neglect the familiar landscape. But every now and then when I take a glimpse I’m reminded that no two experiences on a trip are similar, even when the road is the same. Watching the sunset over I-95. Enjoying life on the road again…


Fear #MyDailyStruggle

One of the things I think about is how I affect people who I interact with on a daily basis. One of my greater fears is that I will inadvertently damage someone else’s life with advice that I give. Typically when people ask my opinion on something I treat my answer as if I’m the one who has to live with whatever advice I’m about to give. The problem is that I maneuver throughout the world entirely different from how most people do. I tend to make the “difficult” decisions easy, especially if it’s something that has to be done. Not every person is willing to do that. Thus I always wonder whether I should even give people the type of advice I do. It’s always a matter of “what they need to hear” vs “what they want to hear”. Most of the time it ends up being the former. Here’s to always hoping it works out for the best…