3:31, 2-28

Insomnia: 1, Comfy Bed: 0

I’m beginning to think that I think too much at night. My brain loves being the most active when it should be resting after a long day of activity. Must begin emptying thoughts onto paper before bed. Of course that will also keep me up as well…





I do hate getting off late from work at times. The commute can be annoying. The traffic is hectic. Some days I just want to be home already. Especially when tiredness begins to set in. But sometimes, nature gives me a good reason to not complain about it so much…


Sunset over the city

Newark, NJ



2:34, 2-22

It’s awkward how alone I feel on a regular basis. Like I’m not at home unless I roam into unknown territory. I’ve grown accustomed to venturing a bit too much. Life on the road has captured me. Not just my body but my mind and my soul. At this point I’m only truly comfortable when I’m on the go. Feelings of overwhelming calmness anywhere I go that isn’t home. Amongst the strangers I feel like a celebrity. The people are the nicest when they don’t know me. It’s the only time I’m genuinely interesting to people. A lost drifting spirit begging to be heard. The road hears my calls. Shows random scenery my way that keeps me marveling at what is. Presenting opportunities to learn something new to keep me interested. Satisfies my craving for unlocking the mysterious. We’re a match made in heaven. It must be my destiny to always be “going” somewhere. It’s painful how much I loathe to be constantly on the move. Being indoors draws comparison to captivity. Maybe that’s a bit extreme. Certainly seems a bit weird to feel that way. And it’s not because I hate home. Home is where the heart is. But my heart belongs to the open road. I honestly don’t know whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing. I just happen to love the open road that much more. A traveler at heart and an adventurer in my mind. Yearning for my next great escape. Into the unknown. Suffering from being road sick…



9:21, 2-17

Gaining knowledge doesn’t make you a scholar. Learning is one step of many on the path. Knowing how to properly teach others that which you have learned is the true test of any perceived wisdom. It matters not so much what you “know”; if you can’t teach it to others, it’s the same as knowing nothing.