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11:48, 12-24

So the presents are finally finished being wrapped. Everything is sitting under the tree looking lovely. Had a good chat with mom and had a couple drinks. Man it feels good to be able to play my piano again. The keys could almost cry over this melody. Feels good to have something again. Looking at the Xmas tree almost makes my spirit choke up. Everything just suddenly hit me. All the hard work might not have translated into how i preferred things look, but I’d be a fool to complain. Went homeless for a month. Thousands of dollars spent. In between packing, moving, working endless hours thanks to holiday season and managing to do it all on no sleep. I’m surprised I’ve been able to stay sane. Times like this wish I could hug something or someone. Just a little relaxation from adulting. This is a plan that was years in the making. We’ve come a long way but the mission has finally been accomplished. As i reflect on my life while looking at this beautiful tree, I can only say thank you. It was all worth it. The most worthy Xmas gift a family can ever receive, a little peace of mind. Happy holidays to all. And to all a good night…



11:45, 6-7

It’s not so much the wound healing that hurts, it’s the scab from the scars that bug the hell out of you. That’s the annoying part of the healing process. The more you pick at them, the longer it takes to get over it. Such as it is with bruises, the same applies to life…



8:59, 3-14

It’s crazy how I have this criteria for what I look for in a woman and I’m probably just gonna end up settling for one that listens to me. I don’t talk a lot as it is. So I hate when I’m asked what’s on my mind and I start to get deep in my words only to realize the person isn’t every paying attention. Of all the things that attracts me to females, in the end I figure that’s all I will truly want. A girl who listens…



2:34, 2-22

It’s awkward how alone I feel on a regular basis. Like I’m not at home unless I roam into unknown territory. I’ve grown accustomed to venturing a bit too much. Life on the road has captured me. Not just my body but my mind and my soul. At this point I’m only truly comfortable when I’m on the go. Feelings of overwhelming calmness anywhere I go that isn’t home. Amongst the strangers I feel like a celebrity. The people are the nicest when they don’t know me. It’s the only time I’m genuinely interesting to people. A lost drifting spirit begging to be heard. The road hears my calls. Shows random scenery my way that keeps me marveling at what is. Presenting opportunities to learn something new to keep me interested. Satisfies my craving for unlocking the mysterious. We’re a match made in heaven. It must be my destiny to always be “going” somewhere. It’s painful how much I loathe to be constantly on the move. Being indoors draws comparison to captivity. Maybe that’s a bit extreme. Certainly seems a bit weird to feel that way. And it’s not because I hate home. Home is where the heart is. But my heart belongs to the open road. I honestly don’t know whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing. I just happen to love the open road that much more. A traveler at heart and an adventurer in my mind. Yearning for my next great escape. Into the unknown. Suffering from being road sick…



#Outcast (Embrace Individuality)

My problem with society is with the people who are afraid to be themselves in the world until it becomes “acceptable”. it’s a form of cowardice in my opinion and I never understood why it happens. Being true to oneself should always outweigh public opinion. There is nothing wrong with being different. There is no shame in being unique. At least to me…