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9:16, 1-2

Well it’s the top of a new year. Unfortunately for me that means new beginnings. I spent the entire fall season going through the process of moving into a new house. And despite how exciting (and stressful) that experience has been, I managed to lose my camera in the process. Which doubles as bad because it means I actually lost all my photos from my last road trip. So it looks like I’m gonna spend a majority of the year breaking in a new camera and getting brand new equipment. Which is always fun. Hopefully it’s a smooth transition. Welcome to the New Year…



11:45, 6-7

It’s not so much the wound healing that hurts, it’s the scab from the scars that bug the hell out of you. That’s the annoying part of the healing process. The more you pick at them, the longer it takes to get over it. Such as it is with bruises, the same applies to life…



7:16pm (Random Reminder) #LifeInTransit

Randomly looked up from my phone out the window. Caught a very lovely (albeit random) view of the sun setting. I travel along similar highways so much that sometimes I neglect the familiar landscape. But every now and then when I take a glimpse I’m reminded that no two experiences on a trip are similar, even when the road is the same. Watching the sunset over I-95. Enjoying life on the road again…