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10:55, 12-5 

My Dark Company

​Sometimes my thoughts keep me up at night. Simply to force me to acknowledge that they do exist. They always decide to get restless when my brain wants to relax. It’s as if they just need somebody to talk to. And they won’t let me sleep without having a brief conversation. And so there we lay in bed at night. That’s when the silent shyness takes over. The irony is that they leave me alone during the times of the day when I actually want someone to talk to. When I need acknowledgement. Now that it’s bedtime here we lie awake. Not quite insomnia. Not boredom. Can’t be loneliness. Just me and my dark company…


8:59, 3-14

It’s crazy how I have this criteria for what I look for in a woman and I’m probably just gonna end up settling for one that listens to me. I don’t talk a lot as it is. So I hate when I’m asked what’s on my mind and I start to get deep in my words only to realize the person isn’t every paying attention. Of all the things that attracts me to females, in the end I figure that’s all I will truly want. A girl who listens…



6:01, 3-5

It would appear that female empowerment has to do with being whatever she wants to be and male empowerment has to do with being whatever women define as suitable to be for her.I remember when society would revolve around men deciding what were acceptable behaviors and trends for females to follow. The mass outcry of how unbalanced that thinking was. Rightfully so. Unfortunately bringing that equality into reality has caused mass confusion amongst some. The rules/roles of the game have officially switched. Females are more in charge of their persons as they have ever been. But they have also taken over the part that males were so accustomed to. Some men have even resorted to more of a feminine role just to balance things out. Idk what any of it means. But these are interesting times indeed…