11:17, 3-4


So looks like it decided to snow again. As we head towards the spring season, winter gives us one more hello before she turns her shift over…





I do hate getting off late from work at times. The commute can be annoying. The traffic is hectic. Some days I just want to be home already. Especially when tiredness begins to set in. But sometimes, nature gives me a good reason to not complain about it so much…


Sunset over the city

Newark, NJ



7:16pm (Random Reminder) #LifeInTransit

Randomly looked up from my phone out the window. Caught a very lovely (albeit random) view of the sun setting. I travel along similar highways so much that sometimes I neglect the familiar landscape. But every now and then when I take a glimpse I’m reminded that no two experiences on a trip are similar, even when the road is the same. Watching the sunset over I-95. Enjoying life on the road again…